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Emily Collins

Dear East Sussex Resident, 

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I improve my fitness and feel healthier?
  • I’m feeling low on energy - how can I find a different perspective to feel better?
  • How can I find time to workout and improve my nutrition?
  • How do I incorporate a new fitness regime into my busy lifestyle and feel part of close community?

If so, you’re in the right place… 

Getting fit and healthy can be tough but with the right coaching team, community and accountability that consistently help you towards your health and fitness goals – it becomes much easier. 

If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your fitness level and know you have the potential to get in the BEST shape of your life then can help you so you’ll never struggle again to get fit and feel healthy. 

Go Obstacle Fitness is led by fitness expert Emily Collins, who is considered the authority on getting everyday people in the BEST shape of their lives.

She is the expert people go to when they need help with their own health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing. 

No matter what your current level of fitness is, if you live in East Sussex, Emily and his team can show you how to reclaim your body fast and achieve your health and fitness dreams.


I used to get very depressed and embarrassed about my body which caused low mood. I was often very lethargic and found it hard to motivate myself to do any exercise. I hated going shopping for clothes. Since training with John and Emily Ihave so much more energy and get up earlier on weekends to train and go for runs. I eat a much healthier diet and actually quite enjoy cooking. It's now more of a pleasure buying new clothes. It's not only helped me to motivate myself with exercise but in other aspects of my life. I really enjoy training with John and Emily. I am so happy with the results. My body shape has changed. I now actually enjoy exercise which was never the case before.


I contacted Emily & John over 2 years ago for training sessions as I was in my mid forties & wanted to make sure my body stays strong as long as possible! From the minute I met them I knew they were the right fit for me. They have a vast knowledge regarding health, fitness & nutrition, they are both very professional, knowledgeable and also extremely friendly too. Over the last couple of years my body has been trained to a level where not only do I feel fitter & better, but my body shape has improved immensely. Through the years they have worked with my ability (age & fitness level), always pushing me to the next level when I've been ready for it! My sessions are never boring or repetitive. Every session I'm introduced to new exercises progressing my fitness. They have done wonders with my upper body, legs & glutes, they are more toned & certainly stronger too!


Emily and John not only helped me to get fit, they introduced me to a new healthier way of life. I went to them on the verge of having a gastric bypass done at 21 stone, deeply depressed and ill. I had no confidence at all. Within just a few months they showed me how to build my confidence with my workouts and myself, to a point where I was happy and excited even to work out in public running around hove park. The collective knowledge they both have of health and fitness is incredible and I will forever be a client.

Carole Cropped


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